Enchanted Burgundy  Lamp

Enchanted Burgundy Lamp

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    The beauty of an authentic preserved real rose, with a message on one of its petals, has now become magic as it surrounds itself with light and transforms into a charm. Our enchanted rose lamp is the most special gift that someone can receive as it is the most enchanting and magical way to light up their nights.

    Express your feelings today!


    • No watering required
    • Personalized Phrase (2 phrases included)
    • Preserved Rose 
    • Handmade to order in USA
    • 100% Real Rose P
    • FREE Gift Box
    • Last up to 3 years. 
    • If stored in a sealed casing, our Preserved Roses can last up to more than 10years.


    Our preserved petals are actually 100% natural rose petals, taken directly from a perfectly selected live rose and subjected to a classification process where after that they go through a delicate dehydration applying an advanced technique where their color, texture and smell are preserved.